Immunotherapy targeted drugs

While immunotherapy prescribed medications are fairly new, thanks to research funding and clinical trials immunotherapy drugs are already becoming the new standard of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy continues to represent the greatest hope for those diagnosed with cancer and our investments will continue to expand in this area. These drugs are targeted to the unique genetics of each tumor and individual. The targeted drugs block or switch off and/or attach to the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells untouched, unlike traditional chemotherapy. This results in better cancer control, prevention and ultimately, a better quality of life.

About Us

The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, established as a national identity in 2014, is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.

Our values are an integral part of our identity and guide our daily actions and decisions.  The incorporation of these values directly impacts our ability to make progress toward achieving the mission of the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.  Our Board, Staff and Volunteers commit to living these Core Values in our words and actions.

  •  Standing in the gap as a bridge to advance survivorship and quality of life

  • Integrity as the soul of CARES that shepherd’s survivorship to give patients, caregivers, and the research community a positive platform to succeed in the fight against cancer

  • Compassion that changes fear to hope

  • Inspiration rooted in faith-centered principals and the love of serving others

  • Collaborative mindset and execution that fosters a life-giving difference for cancer patients

  • Stewardship of resources, people, and partners with whom we’ve been entrusted to further our mission         

Cancer knows no boundaries of age, gender or race and as our population ages the number of survivors living with the after effects of cancer treatment rises. Breakthroughs in our understanding of cancer is driving new treatments with less devastating side effects from highly toxic cancer treatments.

The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation supports research that accelerates the advancement of less toxic treatments for isolated cancers and tumors with precision proton beam therapy and prevention of the spread of cancer with targeted immunotherapy drugs. You may ask why our focus is on these two forms of cancer treatments?

Precision Targeted Beam Proton Therapy

Technology advancements from when radiologists developed treatment plans on x-ray films are now intricate computerized proton targeted treatments directed at the cancer tumor. The advancements allow radiologists to tailor the radiation beam down to the size of a pencil lead to minimize the risk of damage to healthy tissue, improve survival, and minimize potential serious side effects of traditional radiation treatment.