What is CARES?

CARES stands for Cancer Alliance for Research Education and Survivorship. We seek to be a neutral convener between organizations, researchers, academic scientists, drug developers and others to advance new treatments. CARES relies on the expertise of leading institutions, researchers, clinicians, and industry experts to inform and provide the foundation with scientific direction to advance our mission.   

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cancer alliance partners

Our Alliance partners include our healthcare specialists, hospitals, researchers and organizations in which we provide funding, tools, resources and research to cancer patients. Please see our impact page that highlights the impact our donor funds make for those to be diagnosed and living with cancer.

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CARES is about funding research that treats the cancer and spares the patient and this includes immunotherapy, which is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Several types of immunotherapy are currently used worldwide to treat cancer. These treatments can either help the immune system attack the cancer directly or stimulate the immune system in a more general way. Immunotherapy continues to present the greatest hope for those diagnosed with cancer and our investments will continue to expand this form of treatment.

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CARES was started because of a newly diagnosed cancer patient, Scott Hamilton, identifying gaps in the cancer community. Our Founder, Scott Hamilton envisioned two programs: the 4th Angel patient and caregiver mentoring program and Chemocare a resource for cancer patients and their caregivers about chemotherapy drugs for newly diagnosed patients about their cancer journey. These programs were founded 20 years ago and are important sources of information and support today for cancer patients and their families. Visit our impact page for more information on our Alliance partners and the resources they can provide.


“As a survivor yourself, or a co-survivor, we want you to join us around the nation. Please get involved with one of our Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer events and celebrate survivorship and raise funds to help others impacted by cancer.” Scott Hamilton

Visit our Ways to Give page and learn how you can personally impact our mission by getting involved in meaningful ways.