The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation Officers and Board of Directors are business leaders and industry professionals that volunteer from throughout the United States to serve without compensation and provide governance, strategic oversight and fundraising opportunities for our mission. We thank them for their service.

Board Members

Sam Auxier, Principal, Deloitte

Dr. Ronald Bukowski, Retired, Oncologist

Dr. Michael Burcham, CEO, Narus Health

Chaz Corzine, Manager, The MWS Group

Terry Douglass, Chairman & CEO, Provision Healthcare

Mary Lou DuBois, CEO, Provision Solutions

Bob Kain, Retired, International Marketing Group

Elizabeth Lindecke, Director, 4th Angel Mentoring Program

Dr. Brad Maltz, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Mark Montgomery, Principal, INK

Jen Rossman, Principal, Rossman Consulting for Federal Affairs

Carrie Simons Kemper, CEO, Triple 7 Public Relations, LLC

Mike Sommi, Legal Counsel, Provision Healthcare

David Spero, Principal, David Spero Management, Inc.



Board Officers

Founder: Scott Hamilton, Cancer Survivor and Olympic Gold Medalist

Treasurer: Tammy B. Paxton, Certified Financial Planner®, CFBS

Secretary: Wendy McCooey, Marketing Consultant


Executive Director, Karri Morgan

Director, Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™, Nadia Kogeler

Foundation Manager, Nancy Whitman 

Coordinator, Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ , Kim Brack

Coordinator, Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ , Brielle Francis