Priority Funding Initiatives

The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, established as a national identity in 2014, is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient. In 2017, CARES launched our funding priority initiatives focused on delivering impact in the areas of Cancer Research, Patient Support Services and Ancillary Care Services. Thanks to our dedicated community of supporters, we celebrate our impact together as we have provided funding to 24 cancer non-profits around the nation. These initiatives are funded through two different mechanisms: our annual national research endeavor and cancer charities through Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ in various cities around the United States.


Cancer Research

CARES is dedicated to funding research in the latest advancements in immunotherapy with respected institutions across the nation.


Cancer Patient Support Services

CARES provides funding for support services to cancer patients and their families through local community institutions and organizations.

Cancer Patient Ancillary Services

CARES provides funding for medical colleges to improve provider education regarding cancer diagnosis and treatment and the provision of quality health care through local respected providers.